Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay

Leading NE Pediatric Medical Doctors Discuss Developmental Delays

Dr. John Vann and Dr. Tricia Schmit, leading pediatric medical doctors in Omaha, NE, head up the Omaha Childrens Clinic. Our doctors advocate frequent scheduled well visits as recommended by the CDC.

These well visits allow us to track the milestones your child goes through and target your child's usual growth and development phases compared to children the same age.

Tracking Growth and Development Delays

There are specific skills that your child should be attaining as they reach particular milestones. Omaha Childrens Clinic in Omaha, NE, assesses for a possible developmental delay through skill sets expected at each milestone. An immediate visit helps us determine possible underlying conditions.

Scheduled wellness visits allow our doctors to ensure your child's skills develop as expected or if your child is missing skills at their age-related milestone. Your child could be conquering higher skills beyond their age.

Milestones tell us if your child is off the growth charts and ahead of other children their age in growth, development, and intellect. Each milestone shows expected skill sets and includes,


  • How are your child's skills in fine and large motor skills?
  • Are they taking that first step?
  • Are they sitting without help?
  • Can your child sort out shapes and colors?


  • How is your child thinking?
  • Is your child learning progressively?
  • Can your child solve problems according to their age/ability?
  • Is your child speaking in sentences?
  • Can your child repeat familiar childhood songs?
  • Is your child beginning to tell stories?


  • Can your child understand their and others' emotions?
  • Is your child, without command, smiling, waving, or sharing with others?


  • Can your child talk?
  • Does your child seem to listen to you?
  • Does your child understand when spoken to?
  • Does your child connect names to faces?
  • Does your child respond to questions?


  • Can your child eat and drink at will, such as to nurse, swallow, or use utensils when eating?

Children who do not attain a skill at any age-related milestone may have delayed development. Some examples to look for in babies or younger children include the following. 

  • Not showing a specific skill at the milestone they are in
  • Does not move extremities and body like other children their age
  • May have shown a skill but has lost the skill
  • Cannot conquer a skill that other children their age have conquered

Call Us for Possible Developmental Delays

Call Dr. Vann and Dr. Schmit at (402) 330-5690 at the Omaha Childrens Clinic in Omaha, NE, for a possible developmental delay appointment immediately if you think your child is not meeting skills at age-related milestone markers.

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