Guidelines For Informal Breastmilk Sharing

•Informal breastmilk sharing is the direct sharing of breastmilk without any formal screening, testing, or pasteurization 

•Understand that the potential risks include possible exposure to infectious diseases,chemical contaminants, and some illegal or prescription drugs. 

•Find a donor: Local Eats on Feets or Human Milk 4 Human Babies are a great place to start 

•Screen the donor’s health and social practices as well as their hygiene practices for expressing milk: The American Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine has great guidelines for this. 

•Be hesitant to accept milk from someone who is asking for money. They may not be as forthcoming in their medical or social history as someone who is donating solely for the purpose of helping another family. It is common practice to replace breastmilk storage bags for the donor. 

•Consider home pasteurization 

•Always contact your pediatric provider for guidance or questions

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